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We Don’t Make Running Shoes

We make them more comfortable

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We make them more comfortable

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We make them more comfortable

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We make them more comfortable

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We make them more comfortable

Fresh and New

New adidas shoe wows golfer.

The comfortable feel golfer Luke Wilcock describes in this You Tube video about his new adidas golf shoes is delivered — in part — by our etc.® lining inside.

He calls the Tour 360 Boost ‘the best golf shoe I’ve ever had.’

We’re proud to have worked closely with the very talented adidas team to make this shoe a game changer for golfers like Luke.

Update: As if Luke wasn’t already impressed enough, we can’t wait to hear his reaction to the new Boost 2.0, another breakthrough product with etc.® inside..

FYI, our own branding, which we believe helps our customers sell more shoes, appears as a hang tag at the :26 mark.

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Team Canada Chooses JenX Equine Saddle Pads for World Equestrian Championships.

Pads provide enhanced performance between horse and rider thanks to etc®. textiles friction-fighting properties.

Long-time Sheehan Sales customer JenX Equine ( served as the official saddle pad for the Canadian Equestrian team at the World Equestrian Games in Mill Spring, N.C., September 11- 23… READ MORE [+]

In-Stock Position

One significant advantage we have over most competitors is the ability to deliver our textiles from existing inventory almost immediately. As ‘speed to market’ has become more important, we have made a commitment to stock significant quantities of our textiles so we can quickly and seamlessly meet our customers’ needs. As an example, we currently hold more than two dozen colorways of etc.® in reserve.

If your needs are immediate, contact us. We can help.

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WITH etc.®


Less Friction = Less Heat = Less Moisture = More Comfort



What Our Brand Partners Are Saying

Mark Longbottom

Sr. Director POPS, Adidas Golf Footwear Development and Product Testing

“adidas golf chooses premium footwear materials and components to provide only the best for our athletes. This is definitely the case with our Tour 360 BOOST golf shoe, the number one selling model in the USA following its launch in 2016. The etc.® shoe lining fabric in the BOOST provides unrivalled friction control, anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties that allowed the #1 and #2 golfers on the PGA Tour in 2016, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, to concentrate on what they do best: Winning. Their adidas golf shoes simply became an extension of their bodies, in no small part due to their etc.® technical lining material”

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