Team Canada Chooses JenX Equine Saddle Pads for World Equestrian Championships.

Pads provide enhanced performance between horse and rider thanks to etc®. textiles friction-fighting properties.

Long-time Sheehan Sales customer JenX Equine ( served as the official saddle pad for the Canadian Equestrian team at the World Equestrian Games in Mill Spring, N.C., September 11- 23.

“We’re very proud of our long-standing relationship with JenX owner Jennie Hegeman and her relationship with Team Canada, especially because her products represent the ultimate performance test of our friction fighting etc.® textiles,” said V.P. of Sales Mike Sheehan.

Hegeman explained: “It was both an honor and a pleasure to work with these outstanding athletes – horses and riders — over those two weeks. As the leading performance saddle pad in the world, these Games gave us an opportunity to make certain we’re putting every innovation possible into our products. Comfort is especially important in the equestrian event called ‘Endurance’ which requires riding 100 miles over mountainous terrain — including traversing waterways — in about 12 hours or less. This is where our use of Sheehan’s etc.® next to the horse’s skin plays an extremely important role. The etc.® reduces friction to near zero, minimizes perspiration build-up, and – as a result – provides exceptional comfort to the horse.”

“This ‘real world’ test for Jennie’s saddle pads and our etc.® textiles is where the rubber meets the road. These horses and riders are some of the world’s premier athletes and we’re happy to do our small part to ensure that they give their best performance,” Sheehan added.

JenX Equine manufactures premier equestrian equipment utilizing the most technologically advanced materials. The company’s saddle pads are engineered specifically for targeted sports applying physiology, anatomy and technology. Their equipment is made in the USA from U.S.-manufactured materials.

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