Welcome to Sheehan Associates, manufacturers of high end performance textiles such as etc.®, Savoire Suede®, Eco-etc.®, and Mil 33.

With over 30 years of textile experience our focus has been primarily in footwear, aftermarket foot beds, medical and other soft-goods manufacturing.With a solid foundation and a targeted approach to provide technical and innovative fabrics like our physically durable, breathable and washable Savoire Suede® with its luxurious appeal and excellent for a variety of marketplaces.

Our other major focus in recent years has been our innovative and increasingly popular etc.® textile which has a remarkable story to match its extraordinary properties, flexibility, scientific values and visual and tactile appeal to a wide range of industries and applications.

We are proud to serve such innovative industries and marketplaces, and we look forward to a challenging and imaginative future.

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